Why therapy? Your relationships, life circumstances, or family history might be weighing on you. Perhaps a past trauma has left you depressed, angry or unable to connect with others. Maybe you have a desire to better understand yourself and the choices you make in your life. Or possibly, you are simply looking for support and perspective as you navigate life’s ups and downs. I often hear clients use the word “stuck” to describe themselves: stuck in a pattern, a rut, a lonely place. Together, we will explore and unpack the feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that are holding you back.
My approach to psychotherapy is warm, non-judgmental, and conversational. I generally work from a psychodynamic perspective, but often incorporate additional approaches to best meet the needs of my clients. I use elements of play therapy and art therapy in my work with children.
I am interested in how early attachment relationships impact how we see ourselves and relate to others. I believe our adult relationships reflect in part what we did or did not experience growing up. I enjoy working with expecting and new mothers, focusing on postpartum depression, attachment issues, and anxiety about becoming a parent.
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